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Supporting a Coordinated Approach


The CHVI Secretariat (housed at the PHAC) was established in 2007 to ensure horizontal coordination across participating departments and agencies and with the Gates Foundation.


  • To provide coordination support and infrastructure to ensure a strong network of HIV vaccine researchers and other vaccine researchers both in Canada and internationally; and
  • To ensure effective communications, strategic planning, coordination, reporting and evaluation within the Government of Canada.


  • Ongoing intra-GoC coordination;
  • Stakeholder consultations;
  • Establishment of the CHVI Advisory Board;
  • Establishment of the CHVI Research and Development Alliance;
  • Ongoing communications with stakeholders and maintenance of CHVI website; and
  • Issues management.


  • A strong vibrant Alliance established;
  • Seamless transition from the existing to the new support model;
  • Integrated delivery of CHVI policies, programs and initiatives with domestic and international linkages.